Braces for Teens & Children in McKinney TX


Dr. Buchanan brings winning smiles to countless teens and youth throughout Greater McKinney. Buchanan Orthodontics specializes in clear braces and custom braces for children and teens.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children be seen by an orthodontist as early as age seven and earlier if a problem is discovered. Phase I of the treatment corrects major jaw growth problems, allowing us to create room for permanent teeth. Phase II allows us to finalize the bite.

With the newest Damon System technology, we no longer use expanders or extract permanent teeth to make space for crowded teeth. We can also correct overbites without headgear. This makes treatment easier and much more gentle!

Braces For Children & Teens

The benefits of early intervention:

  • A better prognosis for how the permanent teeth will develop
  • The ability to correct any habits that may be the cause of development problems, such as thumb sucking or tongue pushing
  • Correcting bite problems like an open bite, cross bite or deep bite
  • The ability to guide the growth of the jaw to accommodate emerging teeth
  • Lowering the risk of damage to any protruding teeth
  • The ability to improve your child’s appearance
  • Creating a more pleasing and functional arrangement of teeth, lips and face
  • Alleviating future, and possibly more invasive, dental correction
  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence in your child



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