We Make Orthodontics in McKinney Affordable 

Financing Options

We believe everyone should be able to afford an Amazing Smile. Like every patient, you and your family have many financial obligations to meet. We work with you to make your financial situation a bridge, not a barrier, to a great smile.

At Dr. Buchanan Orthodontics we believe your smile is the best investment you can make!  

Finances shouldn’t be the reason your smile doesn’t become what you and your family has always dreamed! We have financing options available so you can fit your Buchanan Winning Smile into any budget.

We have flexible payment options, 0% interest options, same day start bonuses, and much more to make your Buchanan Winning Smile an investment you can feel great about!

Schedule your consultation with us and see what it can look like for you!

Flexible Spending

Using flexible spending accounts to pay for treatment allows you to use pre-tax dollars for treatment. Many flexible spending accounts let you put up to $2500/year toward qualified health care expenses which includes orthodontics! With HSA accounts, you may be able to pay for the entire treatment pre-tax! At Dr. Buchanan Orthodontics we will give extra discounts for accounts paid in full! Using these accounts creates a significant tax advantage and can be the most powerful way to save money on your orthodontic treatment. Make sure you pay attention to your company deadlines if you plan to use flex spending dollars. Most companies require you to let them know ahead of time you plan to use flex dollars and how much you would like to save into an account. Check with your specific company, but most companies have either November or June enrollment periods.


If you have orthodontic insurance, congratulations! Approximately 50% of those seeking orthodontic treatment do not have the ability to take advantage of insurance benefits. Also, a common misconception is that you can only see an in-network orthodontist. FALSE! For almost all orthodontic insurances, you will still get the same insurance benefit regardless of if you see an in-network doctor or not. At Dr. Buchanan Orthodontics we will help you maximize your orthodontic insurance benefits!

If you have any questions regarding insurance, finance, or special arrangements not listed above, please contact our office. We look forward to working with you!




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