At Dr. Buchanan Orthodontics you will have a cosmetic and functional smile that will last a lifetime! We are committed to the latest orthodontic treatment and technologies, including state-of-the-art 3D scanners, aligners and customized clear and invisible braces. Our orthodontic technology prevents expanders, extractions, surgery and headgears.  We will always go the extra mile and treat others the way we want to be treated. See what our patients say about their new smiles!

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Dr. Buchanan

Dr. Jennifer Buchanan began her Orthodontics practice in 1996 and has made quite an impression on her beloved McKinney community. 

Before & After

Check out the gallery of successful and affordable orthodontic treatments and procedures we do here at Buchanan Orthodontics.

Giving Back

Dr. Buchanan and her Orthodontic Team support the McKinney community and sponsor many local school teams and charities.

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Specialized Orthodontic Treatment for the McKinney Community

Dr. Buchanan is very involved in the community. Sponsoring the school teams of her patients, she has awarded orthodontic scholarships to deserving patients since 1998.

Dr. Jennifer Buchanan also founded Smiles Charity over a decade ago, and is still very involved in bringing the community together for a free family concert and festival dedicated to raising funds to build homes for deserving veterans.

What Our Patients are Saying 

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Great Service! Great Experience!

I am so happy that I was referred to Dr. Buchanan! I love the results that I am seeing and enjoy every visit to her office. The staff is high quality, exceptionally professional, friendly, and always timely.

Ruth T

Absolutely love the staff!

Dr. Buchanan and her staff are outstanding! The team are all very professional however, they make their environment fun! They are always working together as a team and laughing as they go along!

Christine G


Orthodontic Success for Straight Teeth and Your Best Smile

Denicia Walker had a grim reality hanging over her for years. “I always had an underbite growing up,” she said. “From a young age, I was told I’d need jaw surgery to correct it. I rarely smiled because I was self-conscious a bout my smile. Eating was a problem, too. Because my jaw wasn’t aligning right, I had to cut up some foods to eat them and really only used a few of my teeth for chewing.

”The idea of jaw surgery haunted her. “It scared me,” Denicia said. “But I was told it was the only way to fix my problem.” She had a consultation with the doctor who’d perform her surgery and, as he outlined all the possible negative aspects of the surgery, she wished there was any other way. Then, the mother of a friend, who works as a dental hygienist, told her about Dr. Jennifer Buchanan and advanced orthodontic technology she’s using that might provide a solution without surgery.

“I had a consultation with Dr. Buchanan and she said she thought this new technology could correct my underbite without jaw surgery,” Denicia said. “She made me feel comfortable right away. My next concern was having braces at 21, but Dr. Buchanan explained how adult ceramic braces would be much less noticeable. They really were. People told me all the time, ‘I didn’t know you were wearing braces.’ When I look at pictures from that time, I can’t see that I have braces on at all.”

Denicia wore her braces for 19 months. During that time, her overbite was corrected, her jaw was properly aligned, and her teeth were straightened. “It went by fast and I actually enjoyed the process,” she said. “There was little or no discomfort, and every time I went in for an appointment they encouraged me and told me how great it was going.”

Denicia says the best part of having her problem corrected is being able to chew properly and eat whatever she wants. “I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned recently and they couldn’t believe how great I looked,” she said. “Dr. Buchanan and her staff always showed such interest in me, asking how school was going and remembering things we’d talked about at the last appointment. I would tell anyone who’s considering surgery to correct a jaw problem to get a second opinion, and if they’re in this area, go see Dr. Buchanan. I couldn’t be happier with everything she’s done for me.”

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